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REC Happy Mother's Day

Get Your Mum a Personal Witness

REC Mother's Day sales - GNET N2 15% OFF

Everyone deserves a personal witness, especially for the most important person of yours. Don't wait until the last minute, the pre-order will get an extra 5% discount. Doesn't it so warm? Every time your mum drives out, she will be delighted when she hears a warm message from the dashcam.

15% OFF Promotion Period: April 23 – May 8

5% OFF Extra Early Bird Discount code: "earlybird" April 23 - April 30

Why REC ?

We are a start-up company selling dash cams supporting online tutorials. Not only just a company selling dashcams, but we also offer dashcam installation tutorial videos and providing information for how to use your dashcams correctly. More importantly, our mission for starting up our company is to raise awareness of road safety for our community, just like what diving schools aimed for. All we want is to make sure people drive safely. We wish everyone could get their "Own Personal Witness"

We understand people who are frustrated with the dashcam installation after buying a dashcam. We have online tutorials videos for you to follow the dashcams’ installations step by step. Our 10 years+ experienced dashcam installation technicians are willing to answer your all questions about your dashcam. Since the covid hit, we understand you might not risk meeting our staff face-to-face. There's a high demand for self-installation tutorials. Although we are a small company, we try our best to share the knowledge we had through the online videos. I wish you can help and share this post to help up growing more funding for tutorials.

Best dash cam 2021-GNET N2

  • Front & Rear Cam - Full HD 1920 x 1080p

  • Front & Rear Cam - Wide 150 Degree angle

  • ADAS - Advanced Driver Assistance System

  • Night Vision - Parking Recording (Motion Detect, Impact Recording)

  • Format Free & Memory Automatic Recovery System

  • Front 97 X 45 X 33 MM

  • Rear 44 X 38 X 28 MM

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