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  • Image Sensor

    Full HD CMOS Sensor
    (Front – FHD, Left – HD, Right – HD)

    Rear – HD (Optional)

    Audio Input Built-in Microphone
    Video Compression H.265
    Audio Compression ADPCM

    Front Camera : 1080P (1920x1080)
    Right / Left Camera : 720P (1280x720)

    Rear Camera (Optional)  : 720P (1280x720)

    Frame per second

    Max. 60fps

    3G/4G (Optional)

    connect to G-Syncloud FMS server via 3G/4G
    telecommunication (Optional)

    Wi-Fi (Optional) connect to GNET Smartphone application via Wi-Fi dongle (Optional)

    JDR Automatic Recovery:

    memory card automatic recovery and self-format

    LBP (Low Battery Protector):

    automatically shuts down the system when the voltage falls below the safety standard to protect the battery from over-discharging

    Night Vision:

    enhanced shooting function in dark environments or at night

    Gravity Sensor:

    event recording by any external shock

    External GPS (Optional) synched with Google map, keep track of location and speed (Optional)
    Lens Front 150° / Side 130° / Rear 130° 
    Viewer Windows XP/7/8/10, support 32Bit / 64Bit, 
    over OSX 10.7 64Bit
    Memory (Dual Save)

    Micro SD 16GB~512GB (128GB Micro SD included)

    External storage supports up to 2TB SSD

    Power DC 12V - 24V

    Fuse Allowance

    Operation Temperature -20℃ ~ 80℃
    Humidity 10~95%
    LCD (Touch Screen) 4.5” 854x480 LCD

    *4 Channels' Rear Cam Cable 19M Long.





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